Robert Plant at MerleFest ~ 05/01/2011

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Folk, MerleFest, Photos, Review

Robert Plant
MerleFest Day 4, Wilkesboro, NC

Robert Plant at MerleFest.

Robert Plant at MerleFest. Click for more photos.

It was bit of a culture clash seeing the LZ front man at MerleFest which is 100% alcohol- and tobacco-free and where church groups provide security. The lack of pot smoke wasn’t the only difference between this show and the one we saw a week early at The Greek.

In Berkeley, the crowd got up for all the LZ tunes and sat through everything else. At MerleFest, the audience sits politely through most everything but they did jump up and give a standing ovation to MerleFest regular Darrell Scott after his rendition of Porter Wagoner’s Satisfied Mind. This was the first time the audience got on their feet and Plant looked a bit annoyed. At this point he seem to make the spontaneous decision to go into Misty Mountain Hop rather than Uncle Tupelo ‘s Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down which usually comes next on the set list just to remind the audience that he too could get them on their feet.  He was only moderately successful and the only time he was really able to get the polite MF crowd on their feet was with the set closer of Ramble On.

The set list was quite similar to the Greek show other than they dropped Tangerine and the shortened the encore block. He continued the tradition of locally-themed encores by covering Doc and Rosalee Watson’s Oh My Darlin.

Set List:
Black Dog
Down to the Sea
Angel Dance
Black Country Woman
House of Cards
Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go (Buddy Miller)
Satisfied Mind (Darrell Scott)
Misty Mountain Hop
Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
Tracks of My Tears (Patty Griffin)
In the Mood
Please Read the Letter
Houses of the Holy
Ramble On

Oh My Darlin’

Line up:
Robert Plant – vocals
Patty Griffin – vocals and some guitar
Buddy Miller – guitar
Darrel Scott – guitar and just about everything else
Byron House – bass
Marco Giovino – drums


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