Bob Weir and the Marin Symphony ~ 05/07/2011

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Bob Weir, GD-related, Jamband, Review

Bob Weir and the Marin Symphony
Marin Veteran’s Auditorium, San Rafael, CA

The short version, I was underwhelmed. That said, they closed with a spectacularly beautiful rendition of Attics that was worth every bit of the ticket price.

Bob Weir and the Marin Symphony

Bob Weir and the Marin Symphony

The long version. My main complaint was that including the Marin Symphony really added nothing interesting. I was expecting something similar to the surviving GD member’s performance as part of Michael Tilson Thomas’s Maverick series a couple years after Jerry’s death or the work he did with Metallica (that I’m still kicking myself for skipping). Sadly it was just a generic reworking of GD tunes. Granted, rearranging them for a symphony is probably interesting if one is into and understands musical theory but I was hoping for something more unique. I don’t mean to give the impression this was a Fiedleresq abomination (sadly, as I kid actually bought one of the worst examples of this) but there just wasn’t anything special about it either.

The first set was Bobby, Rob Wasserman, Jeff Chimenti, Jay Lane, Robin Sylvester, and about a dozen members of the symphony. And that was the problem: this was essentially a Ratdog show with a backup symphony. It was fun watching the symphony members stand up for brief solos because you could many were uncomfortable soloing like that. It was even more fun watching their sheepish grins because they didn’t know how to respond to when the audience applauded after each solo like it was a jazz or bluegrass show. For me, the only part that came close to working was the Let It Grow -> Bird Song -> Cassidy that ended the set.

Second set was a bit more interesting because they brought out the full symphony but the songs were still dominated by the Rat Dog contingent. It was nice to see Bobby sit down a few times during Dark Star and just let the symphony play.

The Ripple and Attics encores, however, were amazing. It was great fun listening to truly professional singers perfectly nail the harmonies.

Set List:
Bird Song ->
Row Jimmy Row
West LA Fadeaway
Looose Lucy
Friend Of The Devil
Let It Grow ->
Bird Song ->

Playin’ In The Band ->
Uncle John’s Band ->
Dark Star (1st verse) ->
Jack Straw
Days Between
Dark Star (2nd verse) ->
Uncle John’s Band (very short) ->
Playin’ In The Band

E: One More Saturday Night
Attics Of My Life (a capella)

Bob Weir – Guitar, vocals
Jeff Chimenti – Keyboards,
Pat Klobas – Bass
Rob Wasserman – Bass
Robin Sylvester – Bass
Jay Lane – Drums
Marin Symphony – Playing that symphony thing


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