Dailey & Vincent at MerleFest 04/26/2012

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Bluegrass, MerleFest, Review

Dailey & Vincent
MerleFest Day 1, Wilkesboro, NC

I chose this photo mainly so I could rant about how much I disliked this band. First off, they are a very formulaic, over-produced band right down to the Stanley Brothers style harmonies. They were downright boring. And that’s the positive part of the show.

Dailey & Vincent at MerleFest

Dailey & Vincent at MerleFest

Now for the annoying part.

It was all Cracker Barrel, all the time. They took pains to remind us several times throughout the show that their new album is available exclusively at Cracker Barrel. Notice the Cracker Barrel logo on the mic stand. Of 40+ artists I saw over the weekend, they were the only ones that couldn’t stoop to using the venue’s mic stands. The worse part came when they each described their favorite item to order from the Cracker Barrel with the obligatory joke of the “fat guy” saying he simply ordered page 2.

I like the idea that the music industry is trying novel distribution arrangements from Starbucks to video games to Amazon.  Heaven knows the industry needs some creative business models when the business model because the focus of the performance, that’s when it’s gone too far.

Other Day 1 acts that I saw:

  • Lost Bayou Ramblers – Good but they were less punky and more Cajun this year. Not that I dislike Cajun but what made them interesting was the punk flavor.
  • The Boxcars – I don’t remember them…and that says enough.
  • Donna the Buffalo – I was really looking forward to them especially because they were playing with Jim Lauderdale. Meh, it was pretty uninspired and Tara seemed annoyed the entire show.
  • The Steel Wheels – I’d never heard of them before and they were the highlight of the day even though they only played ~20 minutes on the Cabin stage. Great blues / bluegrass feel. I need to track down more of their music.
  • Dailey & Vincent – See above (and weep). No link because you really don’t want to.
  • Vince Gill – My mom’s a big fan so I stayed for a couple songs because I wanted to see what he was like as a performer. His music too country for me but he did put on a good show and seemed genuinely engaged.

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