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Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA

Now that’s some posing!

Scorpions at Shoreline Amphitheatre

Scorpions at Shoreline Amphitheatre

The entire show seemed blocked like a stage production with the guitarists running around the stage to take pre-assigned spots to contort themselves around their instruments, do whatever that heavy metal rocking band-and-forth thing is called, or climb all over equipment. Now that everyone has a camera in her/his pocket they paired, tripled, and in this case quadrupled up so people in the front rows could get good photos.

I was in on a $20 lawn ticket. The seats were packed and the lawn was full but not crowded. With such cheap tickets and what I think is their last tour, I’m surprised they didn’t sell out.

I did recognize some songs but what really surprised me was the number of ballads. I enjoyed the rockin’ stuff but the ballads made me long for hair metal bands. I guess, ummmm, every rose has its thorn but this show just had a good half-dozen in the middle of the set. Other than that, it was fun.

Shoba would have had a good time.


“Bon Temps Rouler”
David Lindley
Redwood Mountain Faire, Felton, CA

David Lindley was the headliner at Redwood Mountain Faire but only played a short set, barely an hour. They were running late so maybe that had some impact but I doubt they had hard stop because he ended well before sunset.

David Lindley at Redwood Mountain Faire

David Lindley at Redwood Mountain Faire

I didn’t keep a set list and now that it’s been a week I’ve forgotten a good part of what he played

Set List (as much as I remember):
Poor Old Dirt Farmer
Well Well Well (with his standard rant about Claremont water district)
El Ray-X song that I don’t the name of
Bouzouki Instrumental
Pretty Girl Rule the World
Revenge Will Come (at least I think he played it)
Bon Temps Rouler

I missed most of the other acts that day but I did saw Sista Monica who I had not heard of before but I enjoyed her set. Sorta gospel meets blues.

The folks at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass used my photo of Warren Hellman and  Abigail Washburn during The Wrongers’s set as their Fan Photo of the Day!!

HSB Fan Photo of the Day

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Fan Photo of the Day

This is the fourth photo of mine (Charlie Louvin, Steve Earle, and Hazel Dickens) that HSB has used.

James Nash and The Nomads
Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, CA

This was James Nash and The Nomads first show.The set list was a mixture of jazz and blues tunes (covers I assume) and some of James’s material. For me, the jazz material worked really well but the rest was hit or miss.

James Nash and The Nomads at The Sweetwater

James Nash and The Nomads at The Sweetwater

I was really looking forward to this line-up. I first learned of Scott Amendola when I went to see TJ Kirk in the mid-1990s. John R. Burr first blew my mind when I saw him with Allison Brown at MerleFest three or four years back and was amazed his mixture of jazz and bluegrass. James announced the next Nomads show will include John R. Burr again (yay!) and members of Tea Leaf Green (meh). I’ll probably go but I’m not too excited. I saw Tea Leaf Green at Hardly Strictly a couple years back and they stuck me just YAJB (jam band, not java bridge)…kinda like New Monsoon without Bo Carper.

There were far fewer people than I expected especially after the absolutely packed Waybacks shows two months (to the day) back. Hopefully James will keep it up and make it regular staple at the Sweetwater.

James Nash – Guitar, Vocals
John R. Burr – Keyboards
Dewayne Pate – Bass
Scott Amendola – drums

The BoDeans
The Independent, San Francisco, CA

I haven’t seen—or listened to much for that matter—The BoDeans  since I received some tapes during my trading binge after Jerry Garcia died. The main reason I went was to see Warren Hood of The Waybacks who is playing fiddle with them and I had a really good time. I recognized some of the material but most of it was new and quite enjoyable.

The BoDeans at The Independent

The BoDeans at The Independent

It was also my first time seeing a show at The Independent. It’s a nice, small club and I’d definitely go back but I don’t understand why people absolutely rave about it. Nice, but it’s not all that.

Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers opened up and after her horrible performance with Phil Lesh’s West Coast Ramble a week earlier it was great to see her have a good night. I’ve seen her join other bands but I’ve never seen her own band. I’m not sure I’d want to see a full show of their material but they were great as an opener.

Set List:
Texas Ride Song
All the World
Good Work
I’m on Fire
The Ballad of Jenny Rea
You Don’t Get Much
Good Things
Stay on

Still the Night
Closer to Free

Kurt Neumann – Guitar, vocals
Jake Owen  – Guitar
David Sierra – Bass
Michael Ramos – Keyboard, accordion
David Sierra – Drums
Warren Hood – Fiddle