Dick Dale at Crystal Bay Casino, 06/29/2012

Posted: July 1, 2012 in Classic Rock, Crystal Bay Casino, Review
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Dick Dale
Crystal Bay Casino, Crystal Bay, NV

He lived up to his reputation and played really, really LOUD and at 75 he still puts on a very energetic show bouncing all over the stage. The 90-minute show had no defined set list and at times seemed like an impromptu jam session that just happened to have an audience. He regularly riffed on common songs ranging from rock to jazz standards to classical to country all played with in his staccato surf style. At times he seemed to get an idea that he wanted to play next and he’d abruptly start noodling on a new tune. I was impressed that his band (his son on drums and a very punky bass player whose name I didn’t catch) was able to keep up as he jumped from one piece to the next without warning. Occasionally they guessed wrong and you’d have brief periods where they went in two or three wildly different directions.

Dick Dale at Crystal Bay Casino

Dick Dale at Crystal Bay Casino. Click for more photos.

It was mostly instrumental but he did play a few songs (mostly) in their entirety. There were about three or four that I didn’t recognize and given that the audience was singing along my guess is they were his originals because I’m not familiar with his music.

It was a seated show and the show was packed; they even brought out extra stools in the bar. Except for kids coming with their parents, I was one of the youngest people there.

Set List (what I recognized):
Summertime Blues
Ring of Fire
House of the Rising Sun
Amazing Grace


Dick Dale – guitar
Jimmy Dale – Drums
?? – bass


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