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James Nash and The Nomads
Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, CA

This was James Nash and The Nomads first show.The set list was a mixture of jazz and blues tunes (covers I assume) and some of James’s material. For me, the jazz material worked really well but the rest was hit or miss.

James Nash and The Nomads at The Sweetwater

James Nash and The Nomads at The Sweetwater

I was really looking forward to this line-up. I first learned of Scott Amendola when I went to see TJ Kirk in the mid-1990s. John R. Burr first blew my mind when I saw him with Allison Brown at MerleFest three or four years back and was amazed his mixture of jazz and bluegrass. James announced the next Nomads show will include John R. Burr again (yay!) and members of Tea Leaf Green (meh). I’ll probably go but I’m not too excited. I saw Tea Leaf Green at Hardly Strictly a couple years back and they stuck me just YAJB (jam band, not java bridge)…kinda like New Monsoon without Bo Carper.

There were far fewer people than I expected especially after the absolutely packed Waybacks shows two months (to the day) back. Hopefully James will keep it up and make it regular staple at the Sweetwater.

James Nash – Guitar, Vocals
John R. Burr – Keyboards
Dewayne Pate – Bass
Scott Amendola – drums


The Waybacks
Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, CA

The Waybacks at Sweetwater Music Hall

The Waybacks at Sweetwater Music Hall

James Nash – Guitar, vocals
Warren Hood – Fiddle, vocals
Joe Kyle Jr. – Bass
Chuck Hamilton – Drums
Sarah Dugas – Vocals