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“I Know You Rider”
Phil Lesh’s West Coast Ramble
Terrapin Crossroads, San Rafael, CA

This was the first of Phil’s West Coast Rambles modeled after Levon Helm’s Midnight Ramble held in Woodstock, NY where he brought in a variety of musical guests.

Phil Lesh’s West Coast Ramble

Tim and Nicki Bluhm and Chris Robinson at Phil Lesh’s West Coast Ramble

The show seemed very rough although that may just be in comparison to the (overly) rehearsed Phil and Friends shows. The set list consisted of about half Dead standards and half covers well-known songs. Disappointingly, their performance of a number of the covers (“For What It’s Worth”, “Folsom Prison Blues”) was perfunctory and seemed rushed. A friend was chatting with Jill at the end of the show and she said the common theme for all the songs is they came from the Sixties. Okay, I guess that’s a theme.

I’ve seen Nicki Bluhm a handful of times and maybe she was sick because she really had an off night. I saw her a couple weeks later opening for The BoDeans and she was much better there.

Apparently no grilled cheese and no posters at the Rambles. Boo.

Set List:

Set I:
Alligator (P) ->
Caution (C)
For What It’s Worth (N)
Street Fighting Man (C)
Blowing In The Wind (N)
Viola Lee Blues (P/C) ->
Folsom Prison Blues (T) ->
Viola Lee Blues (P/C)

Set II:
Eight Miles High (P/C/T)
China Cat Sunflower (G) ->
Dazed & Confused (C) ->
The Other One (P) ->
Dark Star (P/C/G) ->
Whiter Shade of Pale (T) ->
Jam ->
Dark Star (P) ->
St. Stephen (P/C/G) ->
Morning Dew (C)

I Know You Rider (all)

Phil Lesh – Bass
Grahame Lesh – Guitar
Chris Robinson – Guitar
Adam MacDougall – Keyboard
Mark Karan – Guitar
Tim Bluhm – Guitar
Nicki Bluhm – Vocals
John Skehan – Mandolin
Jaz Sawyer – Drums


“Stella Blue”
Phil Lesh & Friends
Terrapin Crossroads, San Rafael, CA

This show was near the end of the opening run at Terrapin Crossroads and the first of two shows with Warren Haynes.

Warren Haynes and Larry Campbell with Phil Lesh & Friends

Warren Haynes and Larry Campbell with Phil Lesh & Friends

Set List:
Here Comes Sunshine (G)
How Sweet It Is (L) ->
Uncle John’s Band (all) ->
Millennium Jam ->
The Eleven (W) ->
Blue Sky (W) ->
Brown-Eyed Women (W)
Look At Miss Ohio (T)
Sugaree (W)

Passenger (All) ->
The Wheel (All) ->
Chest Fever (L+T) ->
Caution  ->
Dark Star (all) ->
Wish You Were Here ->
Dark Star (all) ->
Unbroken Chain ->
Stella Blue (W)
Midnight Hour (W)

E: Angel Band (all)

Phil Lesh – bass
Grahame Lesh – guitar
Warren Haynes – guitar
Jeff Chimenti – keyboards
Larry Campbell – guitar
Teresa Williams – vocals
Jaz Sawyer – drums